servizio kairosdb non in contenitore

Sto cercando di eseguire kairodDB nel contenitore docker, ecco il mio file dockerfile

FROM centos:latest MAINTAINER LABEL Vendor="CentOS" RUN mkdir /usr/java RUN yum -y install wget RUN wget --no-check-certificate --no-cookies --header "Cookie: oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" -O /usr/java/jdk-8u51-linux-x64.tar.gz RUN tar -zxvf /usr/java/jdk-8u51-linux-x64.tar.gz -c /usr/java/jdk-8u51-linux-x64 RUN alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_51/bin/java 1 RUN wget --no-check-certificate RUN yum -y install kairosdb-1.1.3-1.rpm ENV JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_51 # Comment out H2 Module set for kairosdb.datastore RUN sed -i '/H2Module/s/^/#/' /opt/kairosdb/conf/ # Uncomment Cassandra Module for kairosdb.datastore RUN sed -i '/org.kairosdb.datastore.cassandra.CassandraModule/s/^#//g' /opt/kairosdb/conf/ # Add Roundrobin connection to cassandra host RUN sed -i '/^#kairosdb.datastore.cassandra.hector.loadBalancingPolicy*/c\kairosdb.datastore.cassandra.hector.loadBalancingPolicy=roundRobin' /opt/kairosdb/conf/ # Add startup script ADD /opt/kairosdb/bin/ # Run kairosdb in foreground on boot ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/bash", "/opt/kairosdb/bin/"] 

e contiene di sono

 #!/bin/bash <some config changes> /opt/kairosdb/bin/ run 

Ma quando inizio il contenitore con docker run -d kairosdb non funziona come un servizio, il contenitore esiste immediatamente.

qualcuno sa cosa c'è di sbagliato qui?

Sei JAVA_HOME errato. Dovrebbe essere ENV JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk-8u51-linux-x64/jdk1.8.0_51

Anche dopo aver corretto questo problema, non riesce ad errore, perché non riesce a trovare l'host di cassandra.

 10:02:27.642 [main] INFO [] - Configuring module TelnetServerModule 10:02:28.153 [main] INFO [] - Using default implementation for ThreadExecutor 10:02:28.170 [main] INFO [] - Initialized Scheduler Signaller of type: class org.quartz.core.SchedulerSignalerImpl 10:02:28.171 [main] INFO [] - Quartz Scheduler v.2.1.7 created. 10:02:28.172 [main] INFO [] - RAMJobStore initialized. 10:02:28.173 [main] INFO [] - Scheduler meta-data: Quartz Scheduler (v2.1.7) 'QuartzScheduler' with instanceId 'NON_CLUSTERED' Scheduler class: 'org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler' - running locally. NOT STARTED. Currently in standby mode. Number of jobs executed: 0 Using thread pool 'org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool' - with 4 threads. Using job-store 'org.quartz.simpl.RAMJobStore' - which does not support persistence. and is not clustered. 10:02:28.173 [main] INFO [] - Quartz scheduler 'QuartzScheduler' initialized from an externally provided properties instance. 10:02:28.173 [main] INFO [] - Quartz scheduler version: 2.1.7 10:02:28.174 [main] INFO [] - JobFactory set to: [email protected] 10:02:28.174 [main] INFO [] - Starting service class org.kairosdb.core.scheduler.KairosDBSchedulerImpl 10:02:28.174 [main] INFO [] - Scheduler QuartzScheduler_$_NON_CLUSTERED started. 10:02:28.197 [main] INFO [] - Downed Host Retry service started with queue size -1 and retry delay 10s 10:02:28.246 [main] INFO [] - Registering JMX me.prettyprint.cassandra.service_kairosdb-cluster:ServiceType=hector,MonitorType=hector 10:02:28.261 [main] ERROR [] - Could not start connection pool for host localhost( 10:02:28.262 [main] INFO [] - Host detected as down was added to retry queue: localhost( 10:02:28.263 [] WARN [] - Downed localhost( host still appears to be down: Unable to open transport to localhost( , Connection refused 10:02:28.274 [main] ERROR [] - Failed starting up services Guice provision errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, org.kairosdb.core.exception.DatastoreException: me.prettyprint.hector.api.exceptions.HectorException: All host pools marked down. Retry burden pushed out to client. at org.kairosdb.datastore.cassandra.CassandraDatastore.<init>( at org.kairosdb.datastore.cassandra.CassandraModule.configure( while locating org.kairosdb.datastore.cassandra.CassandraDatastore at org.kairosdb.datastore.cassandra.CassandraModule.configure( while locating org.kairosdb.core.datastore.Datastore for parameter 0 at org.kairosdb.core.datastore.KairosDatastore.<init>( at org.kairosdb.core.CoreModule.configure( while locating org.kairosdb.core.datastore.KairosDatastore for parameter 1 at<init>( at org.kairosdb.core.CoreModule.configure( while locating 1 error at$4.get( at at org.kairosdb.core.scheduler.KairosDBSchedulerImpl.start( at org.kairosdb.core.Main.startServices( at org.kairosdb.core.Main.main(